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It's not enough to tell kids to say no. We have to give them something to say yes to.

Music is one of those things. Research shows a music education helps students do better in other areas of academic study. More importantly, it gives them a positive activity that builds their confidence and teaches them lessons about diligence, creativity and teamwork.

Unfortunately, some children can't afford to play in their school band or orchestra. That's why we've created a new initiative called, "Play It Again, Arkansas." We're asking Arkansans to donate their used instruments to schools across the state, so that those schools can provide them to needy students.

Through Play It Again, we're giving kids more than just an instrument. We're giving them a chance to discover talents they never knew existed. We're giving them a chance to believe in themselves.

If you would like to donate an instrument or make a financial contribution, or if you want to know more about Play It Again, contact your local band director.  In Little Rock, call us at 682-1150. You may also use the e-mail form, please include a valid e-mail address so the Play It Again Arkansas staff can respond to you.

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